Gemstone’s Vincent Van Gogh – RETIRED


Call name – Vincent

Vincent is a standard Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle (ALF 6) around 24″ and 55 lbs with a curly fleece/wool coat. DOB: Nov 11, 2008. We are so excited to bring these new Australian lines to our breeding program. He is not related to any of our girls so expect to see a lot of him in the future. We co-own this boy with Aussie Labradoodle. Here is what Gemstone Labradoodles has to say about him. He is the happy-go-lucky son of Gemstone’s Opal and Acadian Turkish Delight. He is affectionate and silly. He loves every dog he meets and is gentle, gentle, gentle. Vincent is a dog with a sense of humour, and he is a delight to take places. He has extremely good leash manners and a gentle spirit. He has lots of energy, but can be still and calm for many hours at a time if it’s required of him. He is totally non aggressive and will ignore any dog who is trying to bother him. He lies down to meet small dogs so his size is not so imposing. He is a huge play monster with dogs or toys. Health testing – Hips BVA 3 International grade A elbows normal, PRA- Clear, CERF normal, Proven stud. DNA Color Code bbEe ( Carries the Cream, Apricot, Red, & chocolate genes )

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