Golden Retriever Breeders for Sale in Indiana

Our unwavering commitment is to the well-being of our dogs, ensuring a legacy that spans generations. Discover the Meadow Park difference, where our dedication to genetic testing, OFA scoring, and certified eye examinations sets us apart.

Commitment to Canine Health and Temperament

At Meadow Park, we believe in setting high standards for breeding. All our breeding stock undergoes rigorous genetic testing, with hips and elbows scored by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), and eyes certified for optimal health. Beyond physical attributes, our breeding dogs are meticulously selected for their exceptional temperament, specifically tailored for service and therapy work.

Guardian Homes

Our moms and dads aren’t just breeding dogs; they are cherished members of loving guardian homes. This unique approach ensures that each doggie parent receives the attention, care, and love they deserve. When it comes time for breeding, moms return to us, and at the end of their illustrious career, they retire with their forever families, embodying the bond we foster.

Puppy Raising for Service and Therapy Work

Meadow Park Labradoodles is more than a breeder; we are a training ground for future service and therapy dogs. Our puppies undergo a meticulous raising process, guided by special puppy raisers who work with them daily from birth. From early neural stimulation to exposure to various stimuli and soundtracks, our puppies receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for a life of service and companionship.

Socialization for Puppies

Our commitment to providing the best start in life for our puppies is evident in their extensive socialization experiences. Before reaching 8 weeks of age, our puppies visit diverse locations for exposure ensuring that whether they become service dogs, therapy dogs, or cherished family pets, our puppies are well-prepared and adaptable.

Golden Retriever Parents for Sale in Indiana

If you’re searching for Golden Retriever breeders/parents of puppies for sale in Indiana, Meadow Park Labradoodles is your trusted source. Our meticulously bred, thoughtfully raised, and purposefully trained Golden Retrievers embody the commitment to excellence that defines us. Our breeding Golden Retrievers deserve a beautiful and loving home too.

Contact Meadow Park Labradoodles at 765.993.3218 today or visit us online for more information about our Golden Retriever breeders/parents for sale in Indiana!

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