Fleurdelis Janie’s Got a Gun Special Edition (Gunner)

Gunner is a stunning yellow AKC English Lab out of champion bloodlines. See pedigree and health testing in the pictures.

Gunner is a therapy dog in training and does therapy work at Hamilton Heights High School and Paige’s Music. He was also part of a team of therapy dogs that came together to help students and staff deal with tragedy. Two students got killed on the way to prom last year. They had dogs all day every day for a week.

He lives in an amazing guardian home and here is what Sandy has to say about him “He is just super happy and goofy and funny. Enthusiastic and full of life. Easy to train. Super confident and not afraid of anything. Great with kids and all other dogs. He is my heart dog. We’ve had some good dogs, but never one with this much personality. He is great at off leash hiking, as well, is a strong swimmer and loves his hikes in Utah. He loves people and doesn’t discriminate. Young and old, friendly or reserved—he loves them all and wants to visit with them all. As a puppy, he wasn’t mouthy, and has never jumped on anyone. He is goofy and funny and leaves everyone better than they were when they saw him. He is a neighborhood favorite—even with people who don’t like dogs. He snorts when he is excited, and makes little affectionate noises when he is getting pats. He is a pleaser and loves all people and all dogs. His favorite place is wherever you are. He is just full of joy! ”

Here is what his trainer has to say about him “Gunner is a really once in a lifetime dog. His trainer described him as THE happiest dog he has ever been around. EVERYTHING is his favorite! “

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