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Service Dogs

Our service & therapy dog program has been a huge success and we have lots of great new things going on for 2013! We have added professionally trained pets to our program, launched our Diabetic alert dog program in addition to our already well developed service dog program for flight risk, sleep apnea, Autism, PTSD, TBI, Balance support, stress coping, anxiety, learning disabilities etc..... Of course we still have our regular pet program. The only change to our pet program is that the service & therapy dog prospects will be chosen from each litter first at 7 weeks of age and then our pets will be chosen in the order deposits were put in. Be assured that each litter bred is being bred for the best lines that we ourselves have bred or chosen especially for service & therapy work.

There is a tremendous call for service dogs that don't shed and are allergy & asthma friendly and the waiting period for a dog to be privately trained is much shorter than many of the service dog organizations. You can have a functioning service dog in months instead of years.

We are now taking applications for all types of service dogs, therapy dogs and professionally trained pets. Please call Pat at 765-993-3218 or Julie our trainer at 317-443-6019 for more information.

We are excited and honored to welcome certified Master K9 dog trainer Julie Case as the official trainer for Meadow Park Labradoodles.

Julie owns Ultimate K9, LLC in Carmel, Indiana. Julie comes from a family of dog trainers and has been training dogs for around 17 years. Julie is Master certified to train service dogs, therapy dogs, police & bomb dogs, obedience, problem behaviors, house manners and just about anything you want your dog or puppy trained for. Check out Julie's extensive experience and accomplishments Julie's resume

Watch Julie in action training our Logan

Below are service dogs, service dog prospects, and professionally trained pets and companions. Most of these dogs from our breeding program that Julie has had a hand in training to be service dogs and we will be adding many more as time goes on. We will be holding back puppies from each litter that we feel have the potential to be trained for service work. Those puppies will be evaluated by Julie at around 7 weeks old and again at 3 - 4 months old. Only those passing the evaluations will go on to be trained for service work.

Alex above is SPOKEN FOR and will become Reina's service dog.


Annie above is SPOKEN FOR as a service dog.


Hank above is SPOKEN FOR as a service dog for Ashley.


Sarge above is SPOKEN FOR as a trained companion


Sophie is spoken for. Sophie belongs to Theo and will be his Service dog. Sophie will be trained for Theo, an 11 year old boy with sensory integration, noise sensitivity & emotional support in social situations. - Sophie has her daddy's beautiful color and markings and a silky soft wavy fleece coat. Sophie is out of our Patience & Turner and will be a small standard probably around 40 - 45 lbs.


Gus is Spoken for as a service dog. Gus will be trained for a gentleman for mobility and balance support - Gus at 7 1/2 weeks old is 15 lbs 8 oz. Look at that gorgeous blocky head, ice hazel blue eyes, and a dark chocolate nose! He will be a nice size standard 70 - 80+lbs. Gus has a caramel cream silky soft wavy fleece coat.


Willow is now spoken for. Call Julie at 317-443-6019 for more information on how to get an older obedience trained puppy like Willow.


Domino is spoken for and is a standard boy out of Belle & Beethoven. Domino is now a service companion for a child with Autism. Call Julie at 317-443-6019 for more information for more information on how to get an older obedience trained puppy like Domino.


Pasha is now spoken for and will be trained as a service dog. Pasha only lasted 1 day on our website before she found her home. Pasha is a 1 year old purebred black lab that is spayed and up to date on all shots. Comes from top hunting bloodlines. Very good family dog. Super sweet and playful. Great snuggler. Will play fetch with you all you want and when you are done she'll happily curl up at your feet. Great with children of any age and other dogs. Super friendly. Gentle. Knows sit, down, stay, heel, and walks nicely on leash. Pasha is housebroken & crate trained. She has flown on planes and gone through airports, crowds, security, elevators, stairs and escalators. Stayed in down stays through 2 long flights flying on board of an airplane at passenger's feet.


Hershey is spoken for and is a standard boy out of our Rosie & Beethoven and is being trained as a service dog for a child for stess coping problems & anxiety & flight risk. Hershey joined his family in Florida on Jan. 31st, 2013


Abbey is spoken for and is a standard girl out of our Rosie & Beethoven and will be trained for therapy & service for a child with Autism.


Scout is a standard boy out of our Rosie & Beethoven. Scout has started his training and will be trained for a disabled American veteran.


Reuben is a standard boy out of our Penny & Beethoven. Reuben is being trained for Chris, a disabled American veteran. Click on the link to read his story and feel free to donate to the fundraiser to raise money for Reuben's training. UPDATE - Chris finally received Reuben on Nov. 11th which is Veteran's Day. How appropriate! Reuben finished his obedience training and is now ready to start his service dog training.


Sebastian is spoken for and is a standard boy out of our Rosie & Beethoven. Sebastian is training for mobility, retrieving things and calling 911 if his owner is in trouble.


Chance is a standard boy out of our Lady Lacy and Aussie Labradoodle's Kodiak. Chance's owner has sleep apnea and sometimes falls asleep before putting his breathing mask on. Chance was trained to wake him up if he starts snoring so he can put his breathing mask on.


Lucy is a standard girl that was trained for mobility support, flight risk and emotional support for a little girl with MS

Pat Simpson
Fountain City, Indiana


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